Annapoorneshwari Temple, Horanadu

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Tourists, on their trip to Horanadu, are 'recommended' to visit Annapoorneshwari Temple that is situated in the Western Ghats of Karnataka on the banks of Bhadra River. Also known as Sri Kshethra Horanadu, the temple is bounded by dense forests and lush green lands. The old temple was reconstructed and renamed as the Adi-Shaktyatmaka Shree Annapoorneshwari.

In this temple, tourists can see Goddess Annapoorneshwari holding Sri Chakra, Chakra, Shanku, and Devi Gayathri in her four hands.

Many centuries back, the idol of Adishakthyathmaka Sri Annapoorneshwari was placed at the temple by Agasthya Maharishi. Annapoorneshwari, the name of the temple, means feeding one and all, therefore, devotees are given three time meals and are provided with a sleeping place.

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