Rajrappa, Hazaribagh

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Rajrappa is a pilgrimage center in Hazaribagh, located on the NH23 in Jharkhand where the famous Chhinnamasta Temple is located. It is a Shaktipith and on the bodies of Rati and Kamdeo stands the headless statue of Goddess Chhinamastika. This old temple is famous for its Tantrik style of architecture.Animal sacrifice is carried out in the Kali temples.

Rajrappa is also a holy place for the tribal people specially the Santhal tribe in Jharkhand. They visit the temple as yatris mostly in the month of December. It is an important pilgrimage for Hindus. People from Bihar and West Bengal visit here throughout the year.

Rajrappa is also a popular picnic spot. The Rajrappa Waterfalls is a tourist spot. River Bhera along with River Damodar forms this 30ft high waterfall. People can enjoy the sight of nature and magnificent rock formations and boat rides are also available.




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