Daksh Mahadev Temple, Haridwar

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Daksha Mahadev Temple, an old temple devoted to the Hindu Lord Shiva, is located at a distance of around 4 km from Haridwar. The temple was first built in 1810 AD by Queen Dhankaur and was reconstructed in 1962.According to the mythology, this is the spot where Dakhsha Yagya was held. This ritual was performed by Daksha Prajapati, the father of the Hindu deity Sati. He had invited everyone in the ritual apart from Lord Shiva, who was his son-in-law. Sati felt insulted by her father’s behaviour and sacrificed herself in the fire of the holy yagna. There is a pit in the temple which is considered to be the exact spot where goddess Sati sacrificed her life.

An idol of Lord Shiva is installed in the middle of the temple in phallic form. Every year, in the Hindu month of Sawan, devotees in large numbers visit this temple to offer prayers.


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