Uppalapadu Nature Conservation, Guntur

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Uppalapadu Nature Conservation is situated at a distance of four miles from the outskirts of Guntur city on the southern side. The place is famous for the water tanks that attract a large number of migratory birds to the Conservation Park. Exotic, rare and endangered species of birds make the Conservation their home each year for a few months. The birds include the endangered Spot-Billed Pelicans and the exotic Painted Storks.

In recent years, the number of birds visiting the park has dwindled down to 7000 from the previous 12,000. This has been attributed to various factors including global warming. However, this has not stopped the tourists from thronging to the park in large numbers year after year. The bird lovers come to this place to see so many exotic species of birds roosting together at one place. March and April are the best months to visit the Uppalapadu Nature Conservation Park because one can spot the migratory birds here during their nesting season.




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