Sitanagaram, Guntur

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Sitanagaram is a small town that is part of the Guntur district and lies on the eastern coast of India.It is about 32km(around 18 miles) from Guntur city and was established on the banks of river Krishna. The town is believed to have been in existence since the Treta Yuga, which ended 1.6 million years ago. The town finds mention in the Hindu epic Ramayana.

Sitanagaram town is famous for the Someswara Swamy Temple. According to a legend, Lord Rama wept at the site of the temple when he came to know that His wife Sita had been abducted by the Lanka king Ravana. The name of the town, which is derived from the mane of Sita, bears testimony to this fact.

Apart from the temple, the town is famous for its Vedic University. The University is the only of its kind in the country and is supported by the Jeeyar Educational Trust (JET).




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