Kondaveedu Fort, Guntur

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Kondaveedu Fort is part of the rich historical past of Guntur city. The fort is situated around 12km from Guntur and can be reached easily via well-maintained roads.

The construction of this historical fort was commissioned by the Reddy Kings during the start of the 14th century. The fort itself contains 21 structures. The structures are in ruin for the most part, but they still offer a deep insight into the mysteries associated with the fort.

Many people visit the fort to enjoy the scenic beauty amidst which the fort has been built. Some tourists also prefer trekking and hiking in the area because the terrain is suitable for doing so.

Very close to the fort is located the Gopinatha temple and the Kathulabave temple. These fall en route to the fort along with many other temples. The gateway to the fort is located at the base of the hill on which the fort stands. Along with the gateways, the residential complexes of the fort as well as a huge hall also stand in testimony to the history of the place.


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