Mahuri Kalua Temple, Ganjam

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Mahuri kalua Temple is located 37 km away from Chhatrapur and 15 km away from Behrampur. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Mahuri Kalua which is believed to be worshipped by the King of Mahuri. According to folklore, the deity was earlier established inside a cave where only the king could reach and which was beyond the reach of any local people. The Goddess ones gifted the King a sword which saved him from all dangers.

But then one day the sword was lost and the king was defeated by Britishers. Henceforth, the deity was established on the foothills inside the temple which can be seen today. The temple is situated amidst dense forest that has crept all around the undulating hills. A flight of steps has been made on the body of the hill to aid the visitors to reach to the cave where the deity was earlier established. The place has become a favourite picnic spot for tourists.

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