Bhetanai, Ganjam

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Bhetanai is located at a distance of 56 km from Chhatrapur. The place is hugely famous for the high population of a rare species known as Black Buck. These antilopes are the main attraction of the place. Bhetanai is mainly a land of fertile soil where the villagers cultivate a wide variety of crops. These antilopes called Black Buck descend down from the hills and dense forests from the surrounding areas in search for food. They can be seen in abundance near the cultivated crops of the area.

Bhetanai is 10 km away from Pakidi hills. Pakidi Hill is draped in dense green forests where our national bird peacock can be found in droves. During monsoon these birds descend down from the hills and populate the nearby villages. Bhetanai along with Pakidi Hills combine to form a great tourist attraction where people can marvel these animals and cherish their sight for ever.

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