Girisola, Ganjam

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Girisola is located 38 km from Behrampur which acts as an entry point to Odisha from Andhra Pradesh. The place is secluded from the noise and rush of city thereby providing apt environment for a fatigue tourist to relax. A wayside tourist complex has been built to offer a relaxing time and space for tired visitors. Girisola is in close vicinity to the Pati Sonepur Beach and the Bhairabee Temple.

Pati Sonepur Beach is one of its kinds where the beach lies along with the perennial river Bahuda thus dividing the sea from the main land Sonepur. The Bhairabee Temple is located 10 km from Girisola which is famous among the fishermen who worship the presiding deity ‘Bhairabee’ before venturing into the sea. The temple is believed to be a Shakti Pith which has now become a place for pilgrimage. Characterised by its seclusion and accompanied by a serene beach along with the hallooed temple, Girisola can be appropriately listed among the must see spots.

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