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  • 01Farid Khan's Tomb

    Farid Khan's Tomb

    The tomb of Sheikh Farid or Baba Farid has two huge doors made up of marble. The east-facing door is known as Nuri Darwaza or Gate of Light, and the north facing door is known as Bahishthi Darwaza or Gate of Paradise.

    Inside the tomb, there are two marble caves covered with cloth called chadders. These are the graves of Baba Farid and his elder son. People visit and offer flowers on the graves. However, ladies are not allowed.

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  • 02Surajkund

    Surajkund is one of the most popular tourist spots in Faridabad. The lake has symbolic significance and is said to signify the rising sun. It is a famous picnic spot and is surrounded by rock-cut steps. It is situated 8 km away from South Delhi. There is a Siddha kund which is said to have water with healing powers.

    The Surajkund complex also has beautifully done Rajhans and a garden. The famous Suraj Kund International Festival is held from 1st to 15th February here. Tourists can experience the colours of rural India through the art and crafts displayed at the Mela by the artisans and craftsmen.

    Folk dances, music, acrobats and magic shows take place during the festival. A large number of tourists from all over the world visit the Mela. Indian delicacies are an important part of the fair.

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  • 03Raja Nahar Singh Palace

    Raja Nahar Singh Palace

    Known for its architecture, the Raja Nahar Singh Palace is an 18th Century old palace. It was established by Jat Nahar Singh's predecessors. The construction of this beautiful palace was completed in the year 1850. It is also known as Ballabgarh Fort Palace and is located 15 km away from South Delhi.

    Raja Nahar Singh played an important role in the struggle of independence. The place has beautiful pavilions and courtyards. The carved arches and the beautifully decorated rooms take one back to the pages of history. It is now a heritage property. There are many urban centres around the palace. This majestic palace draws a large number of tourists.

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  • 04Nahar Singh Cricket Stadium

    Nahar Singh Cricket Stadium

    Nahar Singh Cricket Stadium was built in the year 1981 in Faridabad. The stadium has a capacity of accommodating around 25,000 people. A 200-seater modern pavilion with a suite is also there. An outdoor tennis court has also been built. Many important matches have been played here. It was previously known as Mayur Stadium.

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  • 05Shiva Temple

    Shiva Temple

    The Shiva Temple is situated in Sainik Colony Sector 49. The Shiva idol is 22 ft high. A large number of devotees come here to worship the god of power. He is the god of Trinity.

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  • 06Town Park

    Town Park

    The Town Park is located in Sector 12 in Faridabad. It is a popular picnic spot. People can enjoy and relax with their family and friends.

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  • 07Dhauj Lake

    Dhauj Lake

    Dhauj Lake is situated 20 km away from Faridabad. The lake is beautiful and surrounded with lush green trees. This is a favourable picnic spot. People also come for camping.

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  • 08Aravali Golf Course

    Aravali Golf Course

    The Aravali Golf Course was founded in the year 1966. It is the first golf course in Faridabad and is situated 30 km away from Delhi. The building of the golf course is designed by the renowned architect Joseph Allan Stein, and the course or the ground was designed by Stephen Kay from USA.

    The play plan has 18 holes. A golf tournament is organized here every year for professional golfers as well as amateurs. Apart from golf one can play billiards also. There are facilities for night stay also in the luxurious rooms made for the golfers. Indians as well as foreigners can avail membership of the club.

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