Rukmini Devi Temple, Dwarka

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A shrine with beautiful carvings on the exteriors depicting gajataras (elephants) and Naratharas (human statuettes), the Rukmini Devi Temple can be found situated at a distance of 2 km from the Dwarakadhish Temple of the holy town.

According to a popular myth, this temple dedicated to Rukmini, the wife of Lord Kishna lies away from the main shrine for the following reason: once when the lord and his wife went to invite Durvasa Muni to Dwarka, he asked them to carry him to the place in a chariot on their backs. The couple happily agreed for the same and began commuting. While on their way, Rukmini felt thirsty, and Krishna goaded the earth to obtain the holy Ganga water. But Rukmini drank the water without offering a sip to Durvasa Muni which irked him, and he cursed that she would be separated from her husband. Hence, this distance between the two temples.

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