Bhalka Tirtha & Dehotsarg, Dwarka

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A very interesting place, this site in Dwarka too is a must visit. To the north of Somnath located is a shrine called Bhalaka Tirtha where it is believed that Krishna was unknowingly shot on foot and killed by a hunter following which, the Krishna Avatar concluded. In the premises of the temple, a tulsi tree has been planted in the lord's memory. And located close by is the Dehotsarg Tirth - the place where people believe Lord Krishna was cremated. At the Bhalka Tirtha, there is a statue of lord Krishna that signifies his death due to an arrow shot by a hunter who mistook the lord to a deer.

There is yet another interesting site located a km away from the Somnath temple and is called Baldev Gufa. Legends have it that Balaram/Baldev, the elder brother of Krishna disappeared into the mythical world in the form of a white snake through this gufa after the disappearance of Krishna, for he was called the incarnation of Sheshanag (lord of snakes)

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