Harappan City, Dholavira

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The site of Harappan City makes a very interesting and a mysterious attraction to tour through. Dholavira is a small place that lies about 250 km away from Bhuj. Locally known by name Kotada Timba, it comprises of ruins of the ancient Harappan City and is a salient archeological site in India that belongs to the Indus Valley Civilization. Located on Khadir Bet island in Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary, this site which was discovered during 1967-68 happens to be Indian subcontinent’s fifth largest Harappan site and is being continually excavated by the Archeological Survey of India since the year 1990.

Dholavira, which is spread over 100 acres has a rectangular shape and displays a concrete geometrical plan. It consists of the Citadel, the middle town and the lower town divisions, all of which are beautifully planned and built with perfectly laid out lanes. And one of the rare features in the 'Harappan City' is the advanced water conservation system, which probably is one of world's oldest conservation systems ever unearthed.

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