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Jampore Beach, Daman


Jampore Beach is one of the most enchanting beaches in Daman. The scenic beach is an ideal holiday destination for beach lovers who wish to spend their vacation in the peaceful, sublime and soothing company of nature.

Jampore beach is flanked by spectacular groves of Casuarina trees whose cool shades pacify the taut nerves of the visitors yearning for rest in the secluded terrain far from the hectic business life and noise of the maddening crowd.

What marks out Jampore Beach from a host of other beaches is its sandy expansiveness, especially when the sea is in low tide and its water recedes a long way down the shore. The visitors can leisurely walk upon the wet, soft, cushiony sand exposed by the receding water and collect shells, conches and other oceanic mementoes.

Those who wish to swim and frolic around in the sea can do so safely as the water is shallow, calm above and below its surface and slope under it is also gradual. The ideal time to visit the beach is from September to May when the weather is pleasantly cool.