Chapel of Our Lady of Remedies, Daman

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The chapel of Our Lady of Remedies is situated on the outskirts of the Moti Daman forte. It was constructed in 1607 AD by the Portuguese governor and captain. An interesting feature of the church is its entrance. It has a charming white cross bearing some flowers and also some words in Portuguese.

The entrance also has an exquisitely carved bell which is suspended from the wooden stand. The colour of the paint on the bell matches the doors and windows of the church.

A small cave like niche holding the portrait of Mother Mary stands close to one of the walls of the church. The design of the building of the church is based upon a combination of Byzantine and Gothic architectural styles.

The carvings and engravings on the main altar of the church bear the stamp of 17th century architecture. The walls of the prayer hall are decorated with carved figurines which significantly add to its overall grandeur.


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