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Devka Beach, Daman


Devka Beach is one of the picturesque beaches in Daman. It is situated at a distance of about three miles from Nani Daman. A walk along the calm and splendid beach with the cool waves of the sea dancing on your toes provides an unforgettable experience of joy and peace. When the tide is low, the visitors can saunter into the sea and collect conches, shells and other oceanic memorabilia.

The more adventurous can take a swim in the cool and rejuvenating waters to beat the heat of summer. The swimmers should, however, be cautious about their safety as the surface below the water may be riddled with sharp, rough and craggy formations.

If you feel exhausted and bored of swimming or romping about the beach, an amusement park, located within walkable distance, provides the much needed relief and change.

The artistically landscaped amusement park has picturesque walkways, sparkling musical fountains and a host of entertainment options both for kids and elders including pony rides, gaming instruments, food joints and shops selling toys, clothes and electronic merchandize.

The park is brightly lit on festival days, especially on Nariyal Poornima, Folk Dance days, local carnivals and weekends when it attracts hordes of tourists from far and near.