St. John's Church, Dalhousie

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St. John’s Church, built in the British architectural style, is a fine example of buildings of the Victorian era. Erected in 1863, this church is one of the oldest structures of the town and is therefore of significant historical significance. The foundation of the church was laid by protestant missionaries during the British rule. This church receives frequent visitors, especially on Sundays when the regular service is held. Apart from church goers, history lovers, avid readers, and tourists are also fond of this place.

The St. John's Church also houses an old library which has a large collection of books and rare photographs that illustrate the history and culture of Dalhousie. The church rests amid beautiful surroundings, which further add up to the charm of the place. Travellers can reach St. John's Church, situated at Gandhi Chowk, after covering a distance of 2 km from the main bus stand of Dalhousie.

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