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Bhuri Singh Museum, Dalhousie

Bhuri Singh Museum was constructed in the year 1908 in honour of Raja Bhuri, who ruled Chamba during that period. The king contributed valuable paintings of his family to the museum. Apart from paintings, the museum houses lithographs in Sarda scripts, which contain vital historical information related to Chamba. The assortment kept in the museum show Chamba rulers' love for art and culture. Beautiful collections of Guler-Kangra style paintings kept in the museum enhance the charm of the place. Travellers must also see the Basohli paintings, which illustrate the styles of Bhagwat Purana and Ramayana.

Other attractions of the place include the beautifully embroidered Chamba Rumals or handkerchiefs. In addition to this, tourists can also see armours and arms, coins, jewellery and costumes, diverse ornamental artefacts and musical instruments, displayed in the museum. The museum can be visited on holidays and Mondays between 10 am and 5 pm.

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