Kalatop, Dalhousie

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Kalatop, situated at an elevation of 8000 m above the GPO at Gandhi Chowk, is one of the prominent tourist spots near Dalhousie. This place experiences snow fall all year round. Walking is the most convenient way to reach the place as vehicles do not go beyond a certain point due to the snow. Trained trekkers are recommended to take up the three day trek to Khajjiar, a popular destination with adventure lovers. Individuals who are not interested in trekking can enjoy the scenic beauty of the place.

Visitors can walk along the forests to Lakkarmandi via the upper Nakorota hills. On the way, tourists will come across the Tibetan Handicraft Centre the Dalhousie Potato farm and the Dalhousie water system. In addition to this, visitors can also enjoy the view of the Dayankund peak, which is an army base camp. Bhulwani Mata, situated in the restricted area, is another noted spot in the region. Visitors who are interested to see the temple are allowed to go there.

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