Hariraya Temple, Dalhousie

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The Hariraya Temple made in honour of the Hindu god of preservation, Vishnu, is situated alongside Central Park at Dalhousie. The temple, constructed with stones, exhibits the Shikhara style of architecture. A bronze idol, known as the Chaturmurti is enshrined in the temple. The idol has three faces, made up of eight distinct materials, which Showcases the finesse of the artists of that era. The presiding deity of the temple is embellished with finger-rings, bracelets, armlets, crowns, necklaces, a beaded garland, and kundals.This 11th century, saffron coloured, temple enshrines idols of other Hindu deities like Shiva, Surya and Aruna and illustrates skilfully carved shikharas along with the sculpture of Vishnu on a chariot of six horses.

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