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Bharmour, Chamba HP, Dalhousie

Bharmour is a prominent tourist destination which is situated at a distance of 60 km from Chamba. Overpowered by the Gaddi tribes of Himachal Pradesh, this place was once the capital of Chamba. Travellers can enjoy a panoramic view of the mountains and temples along with the scenic beauty of the place. This place is also renowned for its fresh fruits and blankets. Ancient temples, which are over 1000 years old, add to the attraction of the place. Lakshna Devi and Ganesh are two temples of the area which are famous for their architectural styles.

The Chaurasi Temple, which can be reached after a 4 km trek, also attracts visitors. During the Manimahesh Yatra held in the months between August and September, visitors take dips in the holy waters of the Manimahesh Lake which can be reached after a 35 km of uphill trek. Bharmour serves as an excellent base for adventure lovers featuring challenging sports like mountaineering, the regional centre of which is located in Manali. Tourists are advised to visit this place during the months between April and October.

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