Kaiwara, Chikballapur

Kaiwara, originally known as Ekachakrapura, is a town that finds reference in the popular Indian epic, the Mahabharata. It is the place where the major protagonists of the epic, the Pandavas, five sons of a king of the Kuru Dynasty, Pandu, stayed during exile. According to the legends, it is the site where one of the five brothers, Bhima, killed Bakasura, a demon, for creating nuisance.

The cave located in the proximity is believed to still conceal the remains of the demon. Locals say that the blood of Bakasura still continues to spill during Shivaratri. A garden complex with musical fountains, a herbarium in a mini zoo, and five cottages dedicated to each of the Pandavas have been put up in the vicinity. The Amaranarayana Temple, Bhimeshwara Temple, and Yogi Narayana Ashram are other attractions in the area that are visited by tourists in large numbers.

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