M. Visvesvaraya Museum, Chikballapur

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M. Visweswaraya Museum should be visited when in Chikballapur, if time permits. Established in the honour of Sir M. Visweswaraya, one of India's most accomplished engineers, the museum houses a host of interactive exhibits. The different floors of the museum are devoted to different scientific disciplines and all the halls are dedicated to different interests. The different halls include the Electrotechnic Gallery, the Engine Hall, the hall dedicated to Space Gallery-emerging technology in the service of mankind, and the Fun Science Hall. Others include the Biotechnology Hall, the Science for Children Gallery, the BEL Hall of Electronics and the Dinosaur Corner. The museum also houses a full scale replica of the aircraft that the Wright Bothers invented.

Visitors can participate in several activities, such as the Taramandal Show, the Science Demonstration Show, the Sky Observation Programme, and the Commemorative Programme or even listen to the Popular Science Lecture. The museum also organises activities for students, such as the Southern India Science Fair, Science Drama Competition, Science Quiz Contest, Student's Science Seminar, and Creative Ability Centre. A number of education and scientific workshops, exhibitions, and conferences are organised at the museum.

The M. Visweswaraya Museum gives visitors the opportunity to see things they cannot see in a regular museum, such as the reaction turbine, HF aircraft, steam wagon, circular type calculator and Edison's phonograph. They also get the chance to see the mechanical calculator, gramophone, combination lock, sewing machine, and steam locomotive, among other things. The museum is ideal for children and science enthusiasts.

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