Natarajar Temple, Chidambaram

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Natarajar Temple was constructed in the 11th Century, in dedication to Lord Nataraja or Shiva and Lord Perumal. The temple is spread across an area of 40 acres and reflects the Dravidian Style of architecture. It is one of the most popular Saivite temples of South India. The temple was constructed by Vikrama Chola and the Pallava King, Simhavaram, reconstructed it.

There are four Gopuram or towers inside the temple complex which are rich with numerous structures. The structures represent several religious scenes and fables. The Eastern Gopuram is the entrance. There is a light on top of the Gopurams which are visible from the sea ahead. The temple also has a Nrithya Sabha or the Hall of Dance which is the most attractive area of the temple. The temple is a must visit spot for lovers of architecture.

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