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Jattayu Pakka is a legendary place situated at a distance of 2 km from the town of Bhadrachalam and is part of the Khamman District. The place is also popularly known as Yetapaka.

According to Hindu mythology, Jattayu, who was the king of eagles, attacked King Ravana at this place when the latter abducted Devi Sita. Ravana was taking Sita with him in his Pushpakviman when Jattayu attacked the king on hearing the distress calls of Sita. Ravana cut off the wings of Jattayu in order to ward him off. The eagle king was fatally injured in this fierce fight. Jattayu lost one of his wings which fell down at Rekhapalli, a village situated about 55 km from Jattayu Pakka.

Later, Lord Rama met Jattayu in His search for Sita and came to know about her abduction at the hands of Lanka king Ravana. He was moved to hear about how Jattayu tried to save Sita from the clutches of Ravana. Rama then touched the place where Jattayu was injured in order to heal the bird with His magical powers. Jattayu Pakka is believed to be the place where the mythical fight between Jattayu and King Ravana took place, and this place draws tourists and pilgrims from all over India.


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