Dummugudem, Bhadrachalam

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Dummugudem is a subdivision of the Khammam district in Andhra Pradesh. The place is about 25 km from the town of Bhadrachalam. The village is actually a small island that is in the shape of the vegetable ‘karela’ or bitter gourd.

The place has religious significance for the Hindu population of the country because it is believed to be the site where Lord Rama slayed 14000 demons who were led by the brother duo of Khara and Dushana. The village of Dummugudem was then built over the ashes of the slain demons. The word ‘Dummu’ means ash in Telugu. The people of this island worship the Atmarama form of Lord Rama.

The island is connected to the rest of the country by means of a very strong bridge that is at least a 100 years old. The bridge is among the two bridges that were constructed by Sir Arthur Cotton who was an English architect. The British used the bridge mainly for the purpose of transportation.


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