Taratarini Temple, Berhampur

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Taratarini Temple is dedicated to twin Goddesses, Tara and Tarini. The temple is located 32 kilometers outside of Berhampur. The river Rushikulya runs through the area adjoining the temple enhancing the natural serenity associated with the temple. Every year the month of Chaitra in the Hindu calendar attracts large crowds of devotees especially on Tuesday, a religiously significant day. A revenue inspection bungalow is the only accommodation available to tourists in the area.

Most tourists and visitors choose to stay in Berhampur, the hub of tourists, and travel to Taratarini temple. Regular public transport (buses) carry passengers from Berhampur to Taratarini temple and vice versa. The temple is located on a hill near Purusottampur. The Goddesses are revered and worshipped in households across Southern Orissa. The Taratarini hill as it is popularly known occupies 180 acres of lush green land broken only by the Rushikulya River flowing through.

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