Narayani Temple, Berhampur

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Narayani Temple located 80 kilometers outside of Berhampur offers captivating views of the surrounding Sal and Mango groves. A perennial spring runs through the forest creating a scene worthy of reproduction on postcards. The holy temple of Narayani enshrines Maa Durga’s idol in the inner sanctum sanctorum. The idol of Maa Durga is said to be omnipotent and devotees throng to catch a glimpse during festivals and important days.

Shakti or the omniscient, omnipotent feminine power is revered and worshipped across India, between castes, cultures and tribes. The form of Shakti represented in the Narayani temple has ten arms and is a reincarnation of Maa Durga. The tribal people inhabiting the area since time immemorial have worshipped a natural stone idol that they believed to be Maa Durga. The current idol in the shrine is a modern representation of the Goddess undertaken by the rulers of the area pre- independence.

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