Bankeswari Temple, Berhampur

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The Bankeswari Temple has attracted devotees from all over India since before travel moved into the realms of leisure. The sacred and spiritual theme of the temple continues outdoors. The temple is located 20 kilometers outside of Berhampur on the Kerandimala hill range in the Eastern Ghats. The area is approachable from the Berhampur – Digapahandi Highway. After a diversion from the highway the views and the temple are located a mere 10 km away.

The inner sanctum sanctorum of the temple is home to Maa Bankeswari’s idol. The idol shows the all-consuming power of Maa Shakti. Clothed in a bright red sari Maa Bankeswari looks forbidding and protective at the same time. The best time to visit Bankeswari would be during summer when the elevation and the cool air can be savored and relished. Bankeswari is a religious sanctuary for believers and for the atheists, the views and the serenity that the place offers is unparalleled. 

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