Buguda Biranchinarayan Temple, Berhampur

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Buguda Biranchinarayan Temple is a Hindu temple located in Buguda, a small town in Ganjam Orissa. The Buguda Biranchinarayan Temple is the second Surya (Sun) Temple after the Konark Sun temple. The Biranchinarayan Temple unlike the Konark Sun Temple faces west. While the rays of the rising sun adorn the idol at Konark, the rays of the setting sun light up the idol’s feet at Buguda Biranchinarayan Sun Temple.

Further the idol in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple is made from wood unlike the vast majority of the stone idols in temples across India. The temple was commissioned under the aegis of the King Srikara Bhanjadeva. The image of the sun God driving a chariot lead by the seven horses is a part of the imagery in the temple. The festivals of Ratha saptami and Samba Dashami are celebrated with great pomp in the temple.

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