Haishankar, Balangir

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Harishankar stands on the slopes of the Gandhamardan hills. It is a place of magnificent natural beauty and a Hindu pilgrim spot too. A perennial stream passes by the place. The place is famous for the Hari Shankar Temple which is devoted to Lord Vishnu as well as Lord Krishna. Several temples dedicated to Hanumanji, Lord Jagannath and Lord Ram are situated in this temple compound. A dharamsala is there inside the temple complex to accommodate its devotees.

The idol of Hari Sankar was discovered in the 14th century AD by a king from the Chauhan dynasty. Along with that idol, a statue of Ganesha in a dancing posture has been found too, which dates back to the 12th century.

The Nrusinghanath Temple is located on the opposite side of the Gandhamardan hills. The plateau between the Hari Shankar Temple and Nrusinghanath Temple is covered with Buddhist remnants of a bygone era which is believed to be the Parimalgiri University.

Harishankar can be visited throughout the year. There is a Herbal Garden in this place where you will find around 1000 herbal trees. The place is well connected by a network of well-maintained roads. There are frequent bus services from Balangir to Harishankar. It is situated 72 km from Balangir.

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