Ranipur-Jharial, Balangir

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Ranipur and Jharial are the twin villages that are 104 km away from Balangir. In ancient times, Ranipur was the place where the queens of Patnagarh used to stay and Jharial used to be a fort. The place is of religious importance as various cults such as Vaisnivism, Saivism, Buddhism and Tantrism flourished here. The Tong River also known as Tong Jor flows by the hamlets.

Historical sites such as Patnagarh, Maraguda, Asurgarh, Narisinghnath, Saintala Podagarh and Belkhandi surround Ranipur-Jharial. Several temples constructed by the Somavanshi kings of Dakhin Koshal are found here. These dates dated back to the 8th to 9th centuries. According to historians there were around 200 temples in an area sprawling for half a mile lengthwise and one-fourth of a mile breadthwise.

Ranipur-Jharial is famous for temples without roofs called hypaethral temples and houses one such temple consigned to 64 yoginis. Another major attraction of this place is the Someswar Siva Temple built by Mattamayura Shaivacharya Gagana Siva. The place also houses the Indralath Temple which is the tallest brick temple in Odisha.

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