Jal Mahadev, Balangir

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Jal Mahadev is situated 84 km from Balangir. The peculiarity of this place is that it has the deity of Lord Shiva beneath a perennial stream instead of a Shiva Linga where people worship by pouring milk and water.

At Jal Mahadev, we find the Swayambhu of Lord Shiva or Lord Shiva appears in his own image. Here devotees from far and near and perform Puja by offering bel leaves and flowers on the stream. The place has numerous Shiva Lingas all around it.

Devotees also take a dip in the stream for salvation. Jal Mahadev sits on the panoramic Madara Hills. The place is the home to some exotic plants, beautiful birds and several animals.

The place is also the home to various reptiles and different species of insects. Apart from a religious visit, people come here for picnics. Adventure lovers visit here for trekking and camping.

Jal Mahadev is a must see attraction in Balangir. People interested in photography must visit this place.

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