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Shopping In Aligarh, Aligarh

As a city, Aligarh is famous for its lifestyle, culture, many educational institutions, museums and natural places of beauty. The city attracts visitors throughout the year who can, apart from sightseeing, shop to their hearts' delight in several active market places.

Some of the most prominent markets include the Centre Point Market, Railway Road Market, Phool Chorha, Halwai Khana, Jamalpur Market, Shamshad Market, Mahavir Ganj, Upper Fort or Uppar Kot, Tasweer Mahal and Amir Nisha.

Most brand outlets and international style shops are located in and around Centre Point Market. Amir Nisha is a major shopping hub while Shamshad Market is known for its educational books. For groceries, Mahavir Ganj is the ideal destination.

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