Kuteti Devi Temple, Uttarkashi

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Kuteti Devi Temple is an ancient shrine located in Uttarkashi. The priest of the temple represents the 14th generation of the priests. There is an interesting story associated with the temple, which states that once a king of Kota lost his money bag on a pilgrimage to Gangotri. The king was very upset as he was unable to meet his expenses. The disheartened king returned to Uttarkashi and prayed at the Vishwanath Temple. He promised to marry his daughter to any suitable boy from the village, if his bag is found.

Ultimately, his money bag with all the money was found by a priest of the temple. This made the king very happy, and he asked the priest to find a suitable match for his daughter. Soon, the princess was married to the boy chosen by the priest. However, the princess was unhappy as this alliance will take her away from the family deity ‘Kuteti Devi’.

The princess and her husband both prayed to the deity for a suitable solution. Subsequently, the Goddess appeared in their dreams and told them that they can find ‘Her’ in their field in the form of a stone. Following their dreams, the princess and her husband found three stones with blissful aroma in their field. The Kuteti Devi Temple was built on the place where these stones were found.


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