» »A Stroll Around Yana Rocks in North Karnataka

A Stroll Around Yana Rocks in North Karnataka

By Akshatha

Yana village in the Sahyadri mountain ranges is known for unique rock formations. These rock formations (limestone) are found in the forests of North Karnataka.

There are several trek routes which take tourists to this popular tourist spot. One has to trek through the forests to reach the two massive outcroppings of rocks called as the Bhairaveshwara Shikhara (peak) and the Jagamohini Shikhara.


The monolithic Yana rocks
Photo Courtesy: Doc.aneesh

Yana in Karnataka is a tourist as well as a Hindu pilgrimage site; the cave temple below Bhairaveshwara Shikhara has a self-manifested Linga (Shiva). Interestingly, the Shiva Linga is always drenched by the water dripping from the roof of the cave.

Yana rocks surrounded by thick forests of the Western Ghats in Karnataka. There are several trek routes to these majestic Karst limestone formations.

The Bhairaveshwara Shikara is bigger than Mohini Shikhara and the cave inside it also has a bronze statue of goddess 'Chandika' (Durga). The place is also related to the legend of the Bhasmasura and Lord Shiva.

Interior View

Interior view of Yana
Photo Courtesy: Vinodtiwari2608

The myth is that, the demon Bhasmasura was testing the boon he got from Lord Shiva. Where ever he placed his hand, that spot would turn into ashes.

Bhasmasura's curiosity grew and he wanted to try this on Shiva himself. This made Lord Shiva realize his mistake of giving this boon and ran to get help from Lord Vishnu.

Vishnu transforms himself into Mohini and challenges the demon to take part in a dance competition. Bhasmasura, infatuated by Mohini, agrees to this challenge. Vishnu during the dance, tactfully makes the demon to place his hands on himself. Thus, Bhasmasura turns into ashes.

Caves inside Yana

Steps leading to cave
Photo Courtesy: Vinodtiwari2608

It is believed that, Bhasmasura was killed in this particular place. The fire which emanated while the demon died, is believed to have blackened these rock formations in Yana.

Tourists can approach Yana from different directions but the best trek routes are from Kumta and Sirsi. Among these two routes, Sirsi route is ideal for families or elders who visit Yana.


The Facade of Yana Rocks
Photo Courtesy: Vinodtiwari2608

For a thrilling walk, one can take Kumta trek route which is far and slow. The Western Ghats of Karnataka provides such a beauty, that strolling around the woods of Yana is very refreshing.

There are also many popular places to visit around Yana: Karwar, Sirsi, Kumta, Gokarna, and Vibhuti Falls.

Vibhuti Falls also called as Magbi Falls is worth visiting near Yana.

Vibhuti Falls

Vibhuthi Waterfalls near Yana
Photo Courtesy: Shash89

Sirsi is one of the large cities in North Karnataka. It is situated at a distance of 54 km from Yana. One can visit a number of places in Sirsi, as it is a popular tourist attraction in North Karnataka.

Karwar: The coastal town of Karwar is around 90 km from Yana and is a famous place in Karntaka.

Gokarna: Gokarna is known for its beaches and it is just 50 km from Yana.

Kumta: There is a long trek route from Kumta to reach Yana rocks. Usually, people who want a thrilling trek take this route. Kumta is around 30 km from Yana.

Yana in North Karnataka is a natural treasure; a trip to this tourist place is enriching!

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