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Why Indian Couples Need To Visit South India More

North India has the Himalayas, Shimla, Manali and most of the best romantic places in the country. But South India has its fair share too. In fact, the southern part of the country offers an eclectic mix of everything: beaches, hills, riverbeds, etc. These serene locations make it ideal for the couples who are looking for a fresh start or just want to take a break. It has the perfect food, the perfect scenery and the beaches for a perfect romantic date. So we thought, why don't we make a list of all the things that would make a couple want to visit this part of the country?

It was hard to put together a list since a couple of points cannot do justice to what South India has to offer but we have tried our best to give the perfect examples of the locations, the settings and the culture of what it could feel like if you decide to spend your vacations here.

South Indian landscapes were, in fact, made or designed for couples, we thank its tranquillity, the serenity and the peaceful abodes - just what couples desire: a beautiful location with fewer people to bother them. So here, we are covering just that. So let's not beat around the bush anymore and start talking about what makes South India the perfect place for couples or why Indian couples should visit South India more and more.

The Hill Stations

romantic destinations in south india

While there is no shortage of hills and mountains in North India, South Indian hill stations have their own unique flavour and element. The paddy rice fields and long, never-ending tea terrains cannot be found in North India. Ooty, Coonoor and Munnar make the perfect romantic destinations to relive your honeymoon time.

Embrace the beauty of Nilgiri hills with your partner, romance in the tea plantations of beautiful Munnar, and redefine love in the valleys of Kodaikanal. It seems like the hills were born for couples, considering the landscapes, the valleys and the lush green surroundings. What is better than getting cosy with your partner, watching the rain as it washes away the beautiful landscape?

The perfect South Indian hills offer the perfect lodges as well. You can always get seasonal discounts if you decide to travel through these hills. Another reason that these hills are ideal for couples is that they offer peace and serenity to its travellers - much of what is needed by couples who live in cities and are tired of their everyday hustle-bustle.

Taking a weekend or better a week off to visit these hilly abodes is a perfect plan to revisit your vows and start fresh.


romantic destinations in south india

While North India can boast of hills and mountains and Himalayas, they cannot and will never brag about a coastline because they don't have one. Nothing is more romantic than a beach date. That's why it has been so overused in popular culture and movies. These days even the weddings take place near these coastlines just because it is sort of romantic.

South India has a vast coastline and it is clean and flawless. You never know when you can end up discovering a new island with a small fishing village. The beaches in Varkala, Gokarna and Kerala are less crowded and not commercialised enough. And what does a couple want really? A secluded beach with their own cottages?

Well, then South India is a perfect place for them because it has numerous such beaches. Surprise your sweetheart with a dance at the French side of this coastline, aka Pondicherry or just watch the sea from the top of a cliff from Varkala. Love is always in the air here.


romantic destinations in south india

Another perfect option to lure you to come to South India is the presence of houseboats. You can never find these peaceful, serene and tranquil floating houses anywhere in the world. The perfect romantic date plan! If you're looking to surprise your husband or wife, then look no more than Andhra Pradesh and Kerala because these two states offer a beautiful mix of houseboats.

While Kerala is a bit commercialised, Andhra Pradesh is still lesser known. The Godavari region is filled with calm and surreal scenic beauty and houseboats offer the perfect location to witness these. The best part about these houseboats is that you can hire them for 2-3 days and just lounge. You will have food on board.

The boats will skirt through the backwater as lazily as your day goes by. This offers ample of time for you two to just stare deep into each other's eyes and think what a great gift life is!

Coconuts & Coconuts

Yes, we agree this is not ideally romantic but what's been more romantic than two straws in one coconut? We can't think of anything. You'll feel so small surrounded by tall coconut trees. They give the surroundings and the background a beautiful flavour.

You can spend hours after hours clicking pictures and getting the perfect angle for your selfie. And believe us, every selfie is going to be perfect because who are we kidding? It is you and your partner with a row of coconut trees in the background.

The Temples

Even if you are not religious, you can still head to these temples for explorations. These temples are beautifully constructed; every element in the South Indian temple has a story to tell. The marvellous pieces of Hampi and the end of the world at Kanyakumari, you will have enough to talk about during your trip.

And seriously, you'd want to explore the world of these temples, dig out the stories behind with your partner and recall them later.

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