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Uchangidurga: Unheard Tales of Karnataka

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Put some fuel into your creativity and imagine the ancient India! Just think about all the heritage structures we can see today along with the historical description of the provinces you have read or heard of! It gives a sense of pride to think about the richness of our country. Every nook and corner of this land has something to tell about the olden times. In this article, we are taking you to one such place which is totally unexplored and unheard in Karnataka. You will be literally amazed to hear about the tales of Uchangidurga in Davangere.

Uchangidurga in Davangere

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Today, this might be an unknown place but it was an important destination of our kings. Yes, just a glance through the history of Uchangidurga will tell about its significance.

Structure of the Uchangidurga Fort

Uchangidurga got its name from the local deity Uchengamma whose temple is located on the hill top and is a revered deity in the surrounding regions.

Uchangidurga in Davangere

Uchengamma Temple

It is obvious that the location of the fort was a major strategic point for defence purposes. Hence, it must have been a very important site. Even to this day, the fort offers a panoramic view of the surrounding plains.

Uchangidurga Fort is an old fort and most part of the structure has been erased over the years. However, we can see three gateways, bastions and watch towers of the fort. One has to observe the bastions of the fort; the outer ramparts are built in square blocks. The inner bastions are built in the circular shape indicating to the additions and renovations in the fort by different rulers.


Ramparts of Uchangidurga Fort

We can also see a big water tank which might have been the source of water for the fort. As we go further, the inner fort complex has a small shrine of Shiva linga and some stone balls belonging to an olden era.

Uchangamma Temple is on top of the hill and is part of the fort complex. However, the temple has been given a modern touch and it doesn't restore the old charm anymore. An annual fair is conducted in the temple where many people from the surrounding regions come here. Dasara is also one of the major temples celebrated in this shrine.

History of Uchangidurga

Uchangidurga is a village which has an ancient fortress on a hill with the same name. It is said that Uchangidurga was known as Uchchasringi during the 4th century. It is one of the oldest forts in Karnataka that flourished under the Nayakas of Chitradurga.


One of the Gateways

Going back to the fortress, it was built during the 4th century. Interestingly, this fortress was under the major rulers from Kadambas to Pallavas, Chalukyas to Pandyas, Nayakas to Hyder Ali and Marathas to Gulbarga Sultans. Though it was under so many rulers, Uchangidurga was prominent region during the rule of Nayakas. It was Timmappa Nayaka (Madakari Nayaka 's father) who improved this fort.

Unfortunately, such an important fort has faded away and has been forgotten. Recently, Uchangidurga was taken under the ASI and several restoration works are being done.


Stone Ball inside the fort

How to Reach Uchangidurga

Uchangidurga is located in Harappanahalli Taluk in Davanagere district. Uchangidurga is around 29km from the city of Davanagere.

Visitors can take their vehicles till the Eastern Gateway of the fort and trek from their to explore the fort. Stairs has been laid to reach the hill fort and hence it is not a difficult trek.

Tourists can reach Uchangidurga via Anaji. Since it is not a popular place, there is no particular public transport. So, it is better to hire a private cab or go in own vehicles.

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