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Trekking Tips for Beginners

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Pitching your tent in the middle of nowhere, sweating it out on game trails and paths or simply absorbing the sights and smells of a forest, trekking is an adventure that gets you closer to nature and challenges you as an individual. It is also a way to test your endurance levels and know how well you can adapt to new situations.

After a trekking expedition, a sense of achievement sets in as you would've conquered a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. Based on your fitness and convenience, you can choose a suitable trekking trail to challenge the rawness of nature.

Trekking Tips for Beginners

Before embarking on your first trek, there are some things you should keep in mind. Here are a few tips to make the first trekking experience a memorable one.

  • Before Planning It Out

If you have a particular place in mind for trekking, it is always good to know about the current weather of the place. Some trek routes need prior permission, so make sure you get permission well in advance if you opt for such a trail. If the trek is to an unexplored location, make sure you inform a local tourist centre about the trip. Referring to some guide books also would help.

  • What To Wear and What Not To

Wear comfortable clothes to keep yourself safe from inclement weather of any kind at the location. Carry an extra pair of clothes to wear if it rains. Avoid bright costumes as this may attract wild animals. Usage of strong perfumes also would make the animals aware of your presence.

  • What to Carry in Your Backpack

Some things you can carry in your backpack include medicines, a compass, a map, camera, gloves, sunglasses, a hat, socks, trekking shoes, energy drinks and food items. Make sure the backpack isn't too heavy or it may leave you exhausted in the middle of the trek. Smoking and alcohol consumption also would leave you dehydrated, so better avoid both.

  • Go Slow

Remember, you're going for a trek and it is not a competition. Enjoy the trail and enjoy yourself. It is better to stay away from overconfident people as you may get into trouble with such people around you. Take your time and travel with like-minded travellers.

  • Never Leave the Group

Trekking to an unknown place is a challenge. You may encounter dangerous situations too as you progress on the trek. It is advisable not to leave the group and wander elsewhere while you're on a trekking expedition.

  • On Slippery Slopes

While you walk down slippery slopes, there are chances that you might lose balance. There are two ways of handling this. You can either take long strides or short and measured ones. If you take long and fast strides, chances are that you may fall less, but may fall hard. If you take measured steps, you may fall more, but may touch the ground lighter.

So these are some basic things you should keep in mind before you set on your first ever trek. Be confident and get ready to have fun and experience nature to its fullest!

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