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Travel Tips Advice to be Ignored

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The moment you decide to travel to a place and share the idea with your loved ones, advice start pouring in. You should do this, you shouldn't do that, beware of this, be mindful of that and the list goes on and on.

Travel Tips Advice to be Ignored

In travel, much like in any other field, all that glitters is not gold. Here is some travel advice that we think is best you should choose to ignore.

Make a Concrete Travel Plan

This is the most common advice that we get to hear. It is funny as the person advising us seems to think we know everything about the place where we are going.

Travelling is about exploring new places and you should do it the way you like. Yes, you need to prepare yourself with some plans but it is not possible to plan the entire trip.

So just nod back smiling and thank the person for his/her advice.

Uploading Pictures and Tagging Friends!

In this digital world we are forever lost in the Social Media that at times it seems to be our reality. Nowadays every announcement of ours is made through these online portals just to let everyone know about what we are doing.

When you plan to travel to some place the first request people have of you is uploading the pictures. While this thought does revolve in our sub conscious mind what takes the cake is when these people also ask you to tag them in these pics.

It seems that you are travelling for their benefit. It is best to stay off the social media while travelling and enjoy the beauty and surprises of the place you have travelled to. You can always come back from your trip and upload the many pictures that have been taken. No Hurries!!!

Make your places-to-see list

The only place where I would be interested to see a list is at the restaurant and it is called MENU. You seriously cant list down what to see at a place when you are going exploring.

You might know of a few well known places in that region but that is not the end of it. There is much more that is left to be explored. So if you are planning to make a list of the place you want to see then be prepared to lose out on what you might discover.

Never travel alone

This one is the parents favourite dialogue. It is funny that we are allowed to travel alone from our homes to schools, colleges and offices, but a trip is not allowed.

It seems as if that someone is waiting out there to kidnap us the moment we venture out. Solo travel has its own perks and is the best way to get to know yourself better. So be brave and venture out into the unknown.

This is not the season to travel

Travelling has no specific season. You can travel as and when you feel like. It all depends where you are heading to. So this advice is one that goes directly into the dustbin.

There is nothing much to see there

Yeah Right! As if the person who told this to you has explored every nook and corner. There is always something to discover out there and let not what others say be your decision.

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