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Travel Myths and Reality

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We still live among people who believe certain myths and cling to their beliefs. Similarly, travel too has a lot of such myths among us. Here are some of the most common myths that we hear about travel.

Travel Myths and Reality

1. Use of Mobile Will Make Plane Crash
Though the flight attendant would announce that you switch off your cell phones as the signals would conflict with the flight's navigation system, this is not true. Every airline service has their own policies and thus they make sure the mobile phones are switched off before the flight is ready to take off. The plane is anyway not going to crash if you sent an sms or exchange mails using your phone.

2. Tourists are Targeted for Money
This more or less depends on your attitude at a new place. Id you make it obvious that you've no clue what's happening around you, you are sure to fall in the trap of the local shopkeepers. Be vigilant to your surroundings and act smart. Never make yourself look like you're lost.

3. Duty Free Items Help Save Money
There is a common notion among travellers that the goods bought from the duty free shops at the airport help them buy more at a much lesser price. Many of us keep a good part of the money to be spent at these shops too. The reality is that only heavily taxed products like cigarettes and alcohol could save you a considerable amount, whereas products like sunglasses and luxury perfumes are rated higher than the shops outside the airport.

4. Street Food is Not Safe
Most of the tourists prefer to go to a restaurant to have their food rather than taking a chance at the street food cooked by that guy on his little trolley. The irony is that you have no clue how hygienic the restaurant's kitchen is or what ingredients they use for the dishes, whereas a street food seller prepares food right in front of you and you are assured of the ingredients used and the hygiene too.

5. Last Minute Flight Tickets Are Cheap
It is generally perceived that the last minute flights are available at cheap prices as the airlines would want all their tickets sold out. If you travel to a popular destination or during the peak season to that particular place, you might get surprised at the fares, so better book the tickets in advance rather than taking the surprise!

6. Advance Booking of Tickets Saves Money
Booking tickets 6 months in advance is a blunder. This is because the airlines wouldn't have decided on the special offers for those flights and thus the rates could be lower as the journey dates are just two weeks away. Booking two-three weeks in advance is the ideal time to get the tickets at best rates.

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