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Travel Guide To Dhanushkodi – The Untarnished Beach

By Pranav Erassery Balakrishnan

Dhanushkodi - The Ghost City is approximately around 620 kms from Bengaluru, and is located on the southern tip of Rameswaram in Tamilnadu, which also is the closest point on the Indian coast to Sri Lanka.

It suffered significant damage in a devastating cyclone in 1964, which took away the rail bridge connection of the town to the mainland. The remains which can been seen until this day continues to haunt every individual's mind who come to visit the ruined city.

Famous Temples In Rameshwaram

dhanushkodi places to visit


People come in large numbers to see the ruins and also enjoy the beautiful beach, it is simply one of the most beautiful experience you would always like to cherish. The place is not only famous for its haunting experience, but also for its mythological importance.

The Legend Goes Like This..

It is said that Lord Rama along with his monkey battalion and his brother Lakshmana, Hanuman and Ravana's brother Vibhisana built a bridge across the sea with stones that float in the water which helped them reach Lanka to rescue Sita from Ravana.

Pamban Bridge In Rameshwaram

dhanushkodi places to visit


After returning from Lanka in success, Vibhishana, asked Rama to destroy the bridge. Without much thoughts Rama is believed to have broken the bridge using one end of his bow and hence giving the place its name - Dhanush in translation means bow and Kodi means end.


Geological evidence stands proof to this wonder suggesting that there is a 28 km bridge which once connected the Pamban Island tip to Talaimannar in Mannar Island, Sri Lanka. The bridge is known as Sree Rama Sethu or Adam's Bridge.

dhanushkodi places to visit


The localites of Dhanushkodi claim that the bridge was once again visible but was destroyed following a cyclone somewhere in the 15th century. After which another cyclone hit the region in 1964 which completely reduced the town into ruins of what we get to see today after which it has always remained a ghost town.

How To Spend An Eventful Day At Rameshwaram?

Access To The Tip Of Dhanushkodi

The only vehicle that will take you to the tip of Dhanushkodi is a jeep which is modified to traverse through the sand. The 12 km drive from Rameswaram to Dhanushkodi can be done in any mode of transport, as you reach the checkpost, you are put into the special modified vehicles which take you for the two hour journey.

dhanushkodi places to visit


The drive from the checkpost across the ghost town is something which would keep you spellbound, it is like a roller coaster ride across the beach. As the vehicle drives towards infinity, there absolutely nothing except the blue sky above you, sand below your feet and the vast Bay of Bengal in front of you.

One can notice a lot of fishing boats making their moves to and fro to Sri Lanka from Dhanushkodi, tourists aren't given access to this activity. It is seen that these boats are used as disguise to smuggle in drugs and other illegal items on a regular basis.

dhanushkodi places to visit


Once you reach the end point of Dhanushkodi, you would find the Bay of Bengal on your left hand-side and the Indian Ocean on to your right. One can make a clear cut difference between the two, on one side the sea is blue and clam and on the other its green and has choppy waves.

Miraculous Places In India

When one stands on the beach, which is surrounded by the sea, one might start to wonder does this place have anything else apart from the sand and the blue water which isn't visible to your naked eye. The area is flawless, isolated and far away from the maddening crowd that one would chose not to return back to civilization.

dhanushkodi places to visit


On the return journey from Dhanuskodi, one would come across many other remains of structures at one point in time stood in all glory but now reduced to ruins making the whole place look like a shell of its former self.

Accommodation And Best Time To Visit

To your disappointment there are no restaurants or accommodation facilities, it is highly advisable to return to Rameshwaram before twilight and restrict your visit to Dhanushkodi during the day. The best time to visit Dhanushkodi ideally would be during the winter season which is from November to February.

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