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Stop Dreaming and Start Travelling!

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When someone is asked about his passions, more often than not, the list of passions would have travelling in it. It is strange that most of these passionate travellers don't travel outside books.

There could be reasons why some people always dreamt of travelling and never could accomplish a single travel plan. Unless the first journey takes place, no one can really know the depth of fun that travel holds and the amount of knowledge one could acquire from travelling to different places around the world. It gives you a first hand experience on the cultures and cuisines of various places, enriching your life with new experiences and new people.

Stop Dreaming and Start Travelling!

Our lives are busy with family, work and other commitments that may make you postpone travel. But for how long? You should start something to keep going. Let's clear up the confusion related to travel that holds you from starting off and instead just makes you keep dreaming of the trip.

Why Should I Travel?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Well, if you're a dreamer rather than a real traveller, this is one question that you keep asking. Let's tell you how your life could change once you start travelling.

  • You will become a much more interesting and an educated person. 

  • You can meet a lot of interesting people out in the world.

  • You would be aware of various lifestyles and cultures around you which you never knew existed. 

  • Travelling is a stress-buster. Take a break and leave!

Do I Really Want to Travel?

This is when you know the possibilities and advantages of travelling and yet are confused to make a decision as to whether you should travel or not. Let's make it simple. Just answer the question "Is it okay to leave your other engagements, commitments and priorities for a while?". Though a difficult question, if your heart nods a 'yes', don't think twice. Just go for it.

How Do I Plan It?

This part is perhaps the most challenging one for a new traveller. Though you may not necessarily stick to your travel plan, it is always better to have a plan before you start off. Here are some of the points you should consider before you start travelling.

  • Your Travel time: Make a travel calendar for a year where you can have a rough idea on how long your trips should be. Make sure you include all the national holidays and weekends too while planning the time for each trip.

  • Weekend trips and week-long trips: These are the two categories to focus on. Plan short trips to nearby places for weekends and longer trips that may take a week's time.

  • Fix the Budget: This is a crucial part of travelling. Plan your trips according to your pocket. Whether you are a luxury traveller or a budget traveller, the options to travel are numerous.

  • Brainstorming & Proper Research: If you are not sure about where to go, it is good to have a brainstorming session with like-minded people or your family/friends with whom you would be travelling. Research on these places before fixing a destination.

  • Prepare a Travel Checklist: Prepare a checklist that includes all the necessary things to be taken care of before you start travelling. This includes updating the passport, packing all the essentials including medicines, paying your bills in advance, making arrangements for your pet, etc.

  • Booking the Trip: That's enough of planning. Now let's just book and get off the grounds!

  • Scribble Your Memories: How wonderful would you feel when you revisit those places you've once been to? Take a journal and note down the details of your trips in a language that you would love to read. Remember, this is for you, not for the world to read.

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