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Simple Tips For Travelling With Pets in India

Written By: Akshatha

Travelling with pets is like traversing with babies; they need extra care and precautions to get through the journey.

Usually, animals are most happy in their space at home. Not always can you take them on journeys! Still, if you decide on travelling with your furry bestie then better know the pros and cons! You need a lot more careful planning to take your pet on a trip. So, have a look at these simple tips for travelling with pets in India!

Tips For Travelling With Pets in India

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Medical Check Up

Health is the first and foremost thing before planning a tour. Get a thorough medical checkup of your pet and make sure he/she is fit for a journey. In fact, a medical certificate is mandatory for taking any pet by flight. You have to submit the letter given by the doctor and health reporting showing the animal is fit for travel.

Tips For Travelling With Pets in India

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Know Your Pets Temperament

No passenger will tolerate a restless or aggressive dog or cat. See to it that your pet is calm and composed while on board. In India, pets are allowed in trains but only for first class or Air-conditioned passengers. Of course, train journeys are much easier for pets as they have some lung-space. However, you have to book at least a cabin or 4 seats just to get a total space for you and your bestie.

Tips For Travelling With Pets in India

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Travel Training

Some pets suffer from motion sickness; so better prepare them well before for this trip. Take them on long drives and train them. Otherwise, your trip will become a disaster. Train your pets or go to an academy which trains pets for such voyages before hand.

Tips For Travelling With Pets in India

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While Travelling By Flight

Not all airlines allow pets on board, and the reasons are obvious. Some airlines allow pets but with strong regulations. In fact, air travel is very hard for pets and it is better you don't plan any international trips with them. However, if it is a necessary thing, then you have lots of documentation, training (for you and your dog), health check-ups, crate training to do before you choose air travel. So, you have to follow all the rules to make it a less hazardous journey the pet.

Tips For Travelling With Pets in India

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Book Pet-Friendly Accommodations

What after you get there? Please book the pet-friendly resorts or hotels before itself. As a pet parent, you need to think of your pet's comfort and happiness on the trip. Not all hotels allow pets, so research and find decent accommodations for your friend.

Tips For Travelling With Pets in India

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Travelling By Car

Car journeys can be fun and risky at the same time. Travelling with animals in the car is not easy. Pets tend to disturb the drivers and there have been many accidents due to this. The best way is to take your pet in a crate so that it won't walk around in the car. However, make sure that the animal is comfortable in the crate. Check for air flow and size of the crate. Train your pet to stay in the crate before taking him/her for the drive.

See how this goes for you and your furry bestie! If it is fine then you can plan another one for sure. Even then animals are better left in their own space. Travelling is not easy for them because there are too many constraints. Still, if your pet is fit and calm enough then you can take him on a trip. Make sure your pet enjoys it and not feel traumatised by the voyage.

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