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Simple Health Tips For Travellers

Written By: Akshatha

Health care is important for everyone; proper diet and daily exercise is much needed to maintain physical wellness. However, travellers need to be extra careful about health as they visit different places and often eat outside food on their travels. They run the risk of catching up with dangerous virus and bacterias on tours. It becomes a must to take a few precautionary measures before they kick-start the journey. In this article, we are giving some simple health tips for travellers!

Simple Health Tips For Travellers

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Only Bottled Water

You can't always trust the local water taps for drinking water. Even though the locals might use this tap water, you better go for bottled water. Before that, please check with the sealed bottles as there is a chance of buying re-filled water bottles. Water is one of the main sources of contamination. Even better if you carry bottles with inbuilt filters; these will help to kerb the infections.

Don't Overeat

You might be excited in trying out new dishes on your travels but have a limit for your eating habits. Don't stuff yourself with food during journeys. You might get sick or diarrhoea. Eat healthily and as much as you need.

Simple Health Tips For Travellers

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Carry Some Food Items

Keep some biscuits, fruits, nuts, etc. in the case of emergencies. There is also a possibility of finding nothing suitable for your food habit. In such times, these foods will help from starving.

Don't Surprise Your Stomach

Enjoying different cuisines is one interesting part of travelling. Yes, it is good to try new things, but your stomach might not be prepared for foreign food. A bit of research about local cuisines is a good idea before trying it. Don't dig into spicy curries and meat right away especially if you have a weak stomach. It might lead to Travellers' Diarrhoea.

Medications and First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit is a necessary thing to carry on the trips. These will always help in case of small injuries. Don't forget to keep all your medications if you are diabetic or any health issues that need daily medicines. These medicines may not be available in the places you go. So, keep extra medicines.

Simple Health Tips For Travellers

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Warm Clothes

It is always good to carry warm clothes if you are travelling to a colder place or in a cold season. There is a chance of catching cold or fever in such weather conditions.

Be Warned About Infections

Travellers often run the risk of getting infected. First, find out whether any major epidemic or infections are going on in the region. It is good to avoid going to such place during that time.

Consult doctor for vaccinations

Consult your doctor and be informed about the vaccinations. Health checks up before the trip is also a good idea.

Simple Health Tips For Travellers

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Insect Repellent

Don't forget insect repellent creams and sprays. It will keep you away from the disease-causing mosquitoes and insects which are the major source of infections.

Along with all these, hygiene plays a great role. Don't forget about personal hygiene during your voyages. It surely helps in keeping you away from infections.

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