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Enthralling Tales of Sankri Village in Uttarakhand

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The aerial view of this hilly-village looks splendid with the house roofs looking like small umbrellas on a sloping mountain. It is a visual treat to see a hamlet with the background of majestic mountains. Such is the image of Sankri village in Uttarakhand.

Sankri Village in Uttarakhand!

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One has to make a long journey through the meandering mountains to reach this incredible village. Sankri is best known as the base camp of many popular treks in Uttarakhand. Usually, the trekkers stop here before heading towards Har Ki Doon Valley Trek, Kedarkantha Trek and so on and Sankri serves as a base camp village for these treks and this place is famous for its amazing sunrise and sunset views

The Journey From Dehradun

Sankri is around 200km from Dehradun and it takes almost 7-8 hours to reach it. Starting from Dehradun, you will pass through Mussoorie and many high-altitude villages. Truly, this journey is magical albeit a long one.

Sankri Village in Uttarakhand!

View From Sankri
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Serene vistas of Kedarkanth and Yamunotri peaks, mystic landscapes, pine forests, rivers like Yamuna, ton, Kedarganga, etc. Himalayan roads accompany you through the journey.

In Sankri

Many guest houses or small hotels are available in Sankri as it serves as a base camp for many trekking trails. Sankri is a jubilant village which is stormed by adventure seekers. The views of pine forests, snow-capped mountains surrounding this village is just incredible. From here you can also participate in the amazing trekking trails.

Sankri Village in Uttarakhand!

Har Ki Doon Valley
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Har ki Doon Valley Trek

Har Ki Doon Valley is embossed by the Garhwal Himalayas and an alpine vegetation which completes the picture. The picturesque vistas of Har Ki Doon Valley is best explored through a trek in the valley.

Sankri Village in Uttarakhand!

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Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek is said to be one of the top winter treks in Uttarakhand and this is one of the trekking trails that begins from Sankri base camp. The stunning Himalayan vegetation covered in snow is a bliss to explore. No doubt, Kedarkantha Trek offers one of the best experiences of the Himalayas!

How to Reach Sankri Village

Sankri is around 200km from Dehradun. You can either take buses from Dehradun or private taxis for the journey. Tourists can book private Jeeps from Dehradun.

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