» »Witnessing The Beauty Of Williamnagar, Meghalaya

Witnessing The Beauty Of Williamnagar, Meghalaya

P.C: Collin Xu

Named after the first Chief Minister of Meghalaya, the pristine well-planned township of Williamnagar, is the headquarter of the East Garo Hills district. Mainly populated and immersed within the Garo tribe's traditions and culture, Williamnagar is an elusive haven of beautiful picturesque mountains, glittering rivers and verdant valleys. Experience the ecstasy of nature in its truest essence while traversing on the trails of Williamnagar.

How To Reach Williamnagar

By Air: The Guwahati Airport makes for the nearest and most well-connected airport to reach Williamnagar. Located at a distance of 118 km from Williamnagar, it is well-connected to all the parts of the country.

By Rail: The Guwahati Railway Station located at a distance of 207 km is the nearest railhead to reach Williamnagar destinations.

By Road: The Meghalaya Transport Corporation connects Williamnagar to the nearby cities of the country with frequent bus services.

Best Time To Visit Williamnagar

Williamnagar has a pleasant climate all throughout the year; hence, making it a year-round destination. The summer months are slightly more favourable than the winter months with an average temperature ranging from 15°C-20°C.

Places To Visit In Williamnagar:

1. Rongbang Falls

1. Rongbang Falls

P.C: Jonathan Borba

Rongbang Falls, snuggled within the lush green folds of Williamnagar, is a hidden gem in the cloud-kissed valleys of Meghalaya. The alluring call of the wild enveloping the falls and the gorgeous sparkling stream of water gushing down the cliff attracts nature lovers and explorers to the Rongbang Falls. Visit the waterfall and soak in the laid-back serene beauty of the place and behold the rich diversity of flora and fauna in the surrounding wilderness.

2. Naphak Lake

2. Naphak Lake

P.C: Michael Hull

According to a local faith, the pristine Naphak Lake is known to be once haunted by spirits. The Naphak Lake overlooking the inexplicable grandeur of the natural forests is replete with a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Considered as one of the biggest tourist attractions of the place, the place is of exquisite charm and unearthly beauty with the striking milieu of its natural environs. The water body is so serene and clean that it is a treat to the sore eyes. This man-made lake was created after an enormous earthquake in 1897.

3. Rongrengiri

3. Rongrengiri

P.C: Adam Edgerton

Nestled on the left banks of the Simsang river, the reserve forest of Rongrengiri is famous for its ethereal charm and beauty. Shrouded in sal trees, the forest houses a memorial Pa Togan. Pa Togan, the brave warrior of the Garo race, resisted the British invasion and for this reason a memorial of him has been erected in Rongrengiri. Renowned for lush green thickets and deep colossal forests growing on the slopes of the hills, the place lures you into exploring through motley tints of lush green wilderness blended with misty clouds.

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