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Awesome Places to Visit in Bandra

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The suburb of Bandra is one of the flamboyant spots in Mumbai. Its colonial influence and the age-old local traditions are must to be explored. Bandra which is also known as the 'Queen of Suburbs' has many tourist and religious attractions. It is also a locality which houses many Bollywood filmstars and various other influential personalities. So, you must know about these interesting places to visit in Bandra.

Shall we make a tour around this popularity locality of Mumbai?

Awesome Places to Visit in Bandra

Bandra-Worli Sea Link
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Bandra-Worli Sea Link

You would have definitely seen this Bandra-Worli Sea Link in Bollywood films and TV serials. It is not only a famous landmark but also a favourite film shooting location in Mumbai. Bandra-Worli Sea Link which connects Bandra to Worli is one of the most beautiful man-made wonders in Mumbai.

Awesome Places to Visit in Bandra

Bandra Fort
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Bandra Fort

Bandra Fort is one of the remnants of the Portuguese rule in Mumbai. Bandra Fort or Castella de Aguada was built as a watchtower at Mahim Bay. Bandra Fort is one of the sea forts which was used as a check-point for the sea route to enter Mumbai Harbour. Today, the Bandra Fort serves as one of the picnic spots and film shooting locations in Mumbai. You can visit Bandra Fort at Land's End in the suburb of Bandra.

Jogger's Park

Jogger's Park is ideal for early morning or evening stroll in Bandra. This is a seaside park with walking tracks. Jogger's Park is definitely a hub for locals who love to walk around in this age-old park. Visitors can find the Jogger's Park next to the Otters club across Carter Road.

Awesome Places to Visit in Bandra

Sunset at Bandstand
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Bandstand Promenade

You will love the seascape at Bandstand Promenade. This place along the stretch of coastal line serves as a hotspot for the locals and tourists. In fact, many other tourist places in Bandra are located near to Bandstand. Mount Mary Church, Bandra Fort, The Artist's Court (a public hall), etc. are near Bandstand.

Walk of the Stars

The 'Walk of the Stars' is a portion of Bandstand Promenade which is dedicated to Bollywood Stars. Here you can witness the bronze statues, handprints and signatures (embossed on brass plates) of Bollywood actors. Thsi Walk of the Stars was inspired by the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

St andrews

St.Andrews Church
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It was the Portuguese invasion that spread the Chritianity in Mumbai. The St.Andrews Church was constructed during the reign of the Portuguese. Today, it is one of the oldest churches in Mumbai. This 17th century heritage is also one of the major attractions in Bandra.

Carter Road Promenade

Carter Road Promenade is yet another seaside hangout spot in Bandra. It is located next to Bandstand and it houses many educational institutes, pubs, stores and restaurants. One can definitely enjoy the enthralling seascapes from this stretch of road.

Awesome Places to Visit in Bandra

Mount Mary Church
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Mount Mary Church

The Mount Mary Church or the Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount is a church dedicated to Virgin Mary. The Mount Mary Church is located on a hillock overlooking the Arabian Sea at Bandra. This church is also the venue for Bandra Fair (the Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary) is celebrated every year. This is also one of the oldest architectures in Mumbai.

Linking Road

What is fun without shopping? Bandra is not far behind when it comes to shopping centres. The Linking Road is the famous alley for shopping in Bandra. The road is filled with colourful shops where you can happily bargain and get some amazing stuff. It is also the road which links the suburbs of Bandra and Juhu in Mumbai.

Star Gazing

We are not talking about the 'stars in the sky' but the 'Stars of Bollywood'! Yes, Bandra is one of the suburbs where some of the most famous Bollywood celebrities live. Most stars come out and wave at their fans waiting outside their house. Sharukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Amir Khan, Salman Khan and many celebrities live in Bandra. Surely, you can do some 'Star Gazing' here!

Isn't it exciting to see that a suburb has so many interesting spots in Mumbai. Amazing seascapes, heritage sites, parks and historical places make it one of the happening places in Mumbai. So, don't miss out on Bandra tour on your trip to the city!

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