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» »Monumental India: Interesting Facts About Lotus Temple in Delhi

Monumental India: Interesting Facts About Lotus Temple in Delhi

Written By: Siji Ram

Lotus Temple located close to Delhi, is one of the prominent tourist attractions in Delhi/NCR region. This temple that is shaped like the petals of a lotus, also has some interesting facts to reveal.

Let's take a look at some of the interesting facts about Lotus Temple in Delhi.

1. Bahai Faith
The Lotus Temple is also known as Bahai House of Worship. Bahai faith believes that their centres of worship are for all religions. Thus, visitors of any religion are allowed at the Lotus Temple.

Bahai lotus temple

The Bahai Lotus Temple in Delhi
Photo Courtesy: A.Savin 

2. One of the Seven Centres
The Lotus Temple in Delhi is one of the seven Houses of worship that follow Bahai religion across the globe. The other centres are at Sydney, Panama city, Apia, Kampala, Frankfurt and Wilmette.

3. Design of Lotus Temple
The Lotus Temple in Delhi was designed by the Iranian architect Fariborz Sahba, who visited India and was influenced by the beautiful temples and other religious sites in the country. To bring in peace, simplicity and elegance, Fariborz Sahba decided to build the temple in the shape of a half-open lotus.

lotus temple, delhi

The Interior of the Temple
Photo Courtesy: Dinudey Baidya 

4. Nine Doors of the Lotus Temple
The nine doors of the Lotus Temple, which are shaped like arches, open up to a central hall that can accommodate around 2500 people. These nine arches are made of several conical, plain and cylindrical surfaces, making the whole structure look breathtakingly beautiful.

5. The Interior Dome
Though al the other Bahai Houses of Worship has a characteristic central dome, the Lotus Temple in Delhi does not have this architectural dome.

lotus temple

A brightly lit up Lotus Temple
Photo Courtesy: babasteve 

6. Marble Used For the Construction
It is said that more than 10, 000 different sizes of marbles were used to build the whole structure of Lotus Temple, due to the complicated design of the temple.


Sunset at Lotus Temple
Photo Courtesy: Wiki-uk 

7. Photographs, Idols and Statues and Music
As the Bahai religion does not follow worship of any idol or image, there are no photographs, idols or statues within the temple. No prayers or readings are observed here, and no musical instruments can be played in the temple.

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