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Lovely Lustrous Ladakh!

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Alliteration much?
Well well, Ladakh can do that to you! It could bring out a poet even in the most unromantic person ever! Ladakh is synonymous with traditions, heritage, colours, religion and the like...It is the pride of Jammu & Kashmir. A warm experience in a cold atmosphere is a tender delight that awaits tourists.

You might be thinking that Ladakh's tourist season has ended. Well, not just yet! Ladakh welcomes you all to its annual Festival where it showcases the rich culture of their past and present to the tourists worldwide. The picturesque Manali-Leh route has been opened especially for this grand festival. Pack your bags and embark on a journey which is both Internationally renowned and nationally owned.

When the Ladakhi people adorn bright colours and dance to the tunes of their hearts, it takes no hard-work to admire innocence. The monasteries and the houses are decorated with inviting colours. The children jump with joy as the exhibition provides with many joy-rides. Youngsters perform in front of a huge wide-eyed gathering. Tourists are so enthralled at everything that is put up there that they sometimes simply record them mesmerised and some other times enthusiastically join them in the simple-looking-joy-spreading dance.

Lovely Lustrous Ladakh!

Traditional sports like Polo matches and village archery are held to attract and involve tourists. The ritual instruments and art-craft works of the locals are sold and put on exhibition for the tourists. The tourism department here has put in a lot of effort to make it the big event it has grown to be today.

Remember the toffee you bought in your childhood which had tinted plastic wrapper? Recollect the joy of looking at the world in colourful eyes? Ladakh will be a similar experience at this time of the year. Or even better perhaps. It is like viewing the world in rainbow-coloured eyes.

So what are you waiting for? The Manali-Leh highway awaits your journey...

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